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Bitch you drivin' me crazy!

STFU Asshole

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Are you a male who hates men?
Are you a female who hates women?

Does your gender just seem to get on your fucking nerves?

Come bitch about it here!

Men, do you feel as if your gender is embarrassingly piggish?
Women, is it becoming harder and harder to not want to smack those stupid whiney shallow bitches?

You've come to the right place!

Disclaimer: Don't come here to bitch about the opposite sex. This is only to complain about your own gender.

Say what you want to say. But this community is DRAMA FREE- Mary J. Blige style. This community is all for fun. There should be no posts made that are racist, bigot or ignorant. I'd say sexist, but hey, that's what this entire community is based on, eh?

Love, your friendly mods-

enjoyousit and nanaminako