chammy320 (chammy320) wrote in gender_hate,


My time to rant....

I hate the girls who dress like hoes or slobs. What ever happened to a little self confidence?? What ever happened to a little mystery? You don't need to wear clothes that make you look like a busted open can of biscuits to get a guy to like you. And you shouldn't wear them for public safety reasons too.

I hate girls who think they are higher and mightier than all of us. You know the ones, they are the girls who work at the upscale places and dress in couture clothes and look down thier surgically altered noses at you.

I hate girls that have thier men wrapped around thier little finger. "Sit boy! Good Boy!" How about letting him decide if he wants to eat at such-and-such place, or do what he wants. Men have minds too, granted they don't do much with them (but that's another rant that can't be used here), but they can make simple decisions.

Damnit! Being a girl sucks.
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And you shouldn't wear them for public safety reasons too.

Why is it that it's the girl's fault when guys attack her when she's wearing "slutty" clothes?
I don't know but it ticks me off. I think that they just want attention and then they get too much attention from guys and then it turns into a nasty situation.

Blech. I say everyone should just run free and naked then we wouldn't have this problem!! Wee!!!

Deleted comment

when a girl's thong is stick out of the back of her pants

Ever get the urge to give them a wedgie they'll never forget?
all the time! if I'm wearing a thong, I wear a long shirt.
One of the many reasons I started this community was because of girlfriends of some of my guy friends.
I hated them thanks to their "OMG THEY DIDNT' CALL ME LAST NIGHT;ALSKDFJASDKFMASDF" drama bullshit.
Word. I hate that! I hate listening to chicks I work with saying stuff like that. "OMG he didn't notice I wore the light blue shirt instead of the dark blue shirt I said I would wear."

Fuck 'em. And thier stupid men. Learn to think for yourselves fellas!