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"Let's See You Find A Hat As Sophisticated As This" *Puts basket on head* "Done"

Raise your hand if you really loathe it when people wear shirts that say stuff like 'Princess', 'Angel', 'Perfect', 'Seksay', 'Daddy's Lil Grrl', '100% Devil', etc. It also really bothers the crap out of me when people wear those little black tank tops with the silver studs on them in the shape of a Playboy bunny. WHY ARE YOU EXPLOITING YOURSELF LIKE THAT??? And why do you find it necessary to try and display your level of 'cuteness' through your shirts rather than your personality? I mean seriously.

It also kills me when people wear shirts, necklaces, bracelets, rings, sweatpants or other articles of clothing bearing the word 'Punk' on it. If you really were punk, then you wouldn't wear clothes that said such. Trust me, I have a sister that knows.
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