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So I'm roaming around lj, as I usually do when I have nothing better to do, which is most of the time, especially like now when Kaylah's ignoring me...I come across the community ohnotheydidnt. If anybody knows it, it's probably one of the lamest communities I've ever seen, even though I admit I read it constantly without actually being in it, but that's because I'm nosey not because I want to judge. It seems to me that most people in there are there just to judge, which doesn't surprise me because who isn't judgemental these days?

So somebody posts a picture of a celebrity who isn't a size 1. In fact, she's kind of larger, still smaller than me, but average, you know. So of course there's always got to be that one person who says something like "fatass" or "damn she's chubby" and then fifty other people jump down their throat. It really got me to thinking- why the fuck does it matter? So that person thinks they're fat? So you people don't? Who cares?

What I really want to know is- why does size make the woman? Why are people constantly arguing over what's more beautiful, what's hotter, what size is "woman" and what size isn't? Why can't people come to terms with the fact that yeah, some people find bigger to be better while some people want somebody who's tiny, boney? But most of all- WHY DOES IT MATTER?

And no, I'm not saying that I'm completely innocent of this. Of course I've made bitter, snide comments about people smaller than me. Of course I've been judgemental- but I can admit the fact that I've acted that way, said those things because I'm insecure about myself and my body. *gasp* Omg I said it! *dies* Seriously though- No, I don't like everything about me. Yes, I do find size 13 girls attractive and yes I do find size 3 girls attractive. Does that make me a bad "feminist?" Am I less of a woman because I can say "Yes- I think skinny girls are hot?" I don't think so.

So what if a guy admits that he only likes skinny chicks? For every guy who likes skinny girls there's a guy who likes larger girls? It's like girls saying "Oh I like muscular/thin/chubby guys." Why's it matter? For every body type there's somebody out there who appreciates it. Who am I to tell somebody "NO YOUR OPINION ON BODY TYPES ARE WRONG!!!" It's their opinion! I don't want them telling me what I think is beautiful, so I shouldn't tell them. I don't see why everybody's up in arms about the whole thing.

Fesminist, no, Women in general, need to stop telling people that only curvaceous, larger woman are really beautiful, are real women. Think about what that does to naturally skinny women. Are we telling them that they don't count? It's similar to how Stay-At-Home Moms are treated by many working women.

It doesn't always have to be one or the other. We should accept all types.

Soooo- let's revive this community, shall we?
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