Gun Street Girl (blackbird__fly) wrote in gender_hate,
Gun Street Girl


How... how... how?! I know it's not going to be marketed, of course, but the idea that some women actually CARE about their car seat matching their outfit is just... there are no words.

That article almost made me projectile vomit. It's times like this I wish I was born with a cock.
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That's just pathetic. That reminds me of something I heard; Jennifer Lopez actually bought a new car to match her fucking SUNGLASSES.

The concept of the car is pretty cool though, despite the whole seat-changey-thingie. But then again... it's just a CAR. ;_;
... It's like that female Canyonero from the Simpsons.
I love my car...but not that much.

Acutally, my car's so colorful it'll match no matter what.
Some car company tried this back in the 50's. It didn't sell well at all.
You'd think the companies would learn.
I think this problem has to do more with swedes.